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Welcome to Sexy Curves Now. Where your get the curvy Quickly and efficiently. At Sexy Curves Now we dedicate ourselves to designing and creating the highest quality material at the lowest prices to you our customers.

Our story dates back to 2014. when Emma, a single mother who was struggling to lose weight after giving birth to her little baby Olivia, was determined to find a way to get fit.

Emma searched and searched with passion to find a waist trainer that would help her achieve her goals of getting fit. So after extensive searching she found herself a waist trainer that she bought online on a website (the site's name will remain anonymous for privacy reasons) to help her lose weight on the waist line. 

However after a few weeks of eating well, exercising and using the waist trainer, she didn't get much results. In fact the waist trainer she'd bought was every uncomfortable and wasn't made of good quality material. It didn't let her body breath and was not doing what it was suppose to which was help her lose wight. So she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She made some phone calls and met with some designers and manufacturers to help her create good quality waist trainers that were comfortable to wear and would help her reach her goals while enjoying her day to day activities. 

And after much trial and error, with the help of her designers she was finally able to create a waist trainer that was comfy to wear and would satisfy her goals of becoming curvy very quickly and efficiently. She was able to drop 4 dress sizes off her waist in 17 days, by using her waist trainer, in addition to exercising and following a healthy diet. 

Now Emma, with the help of her designers has dedicated herself to create many different waist trainer ideas and concepts to help thousands of other women and single moms around the world, to achieve the same results.


At Sexy Curves Now we use one phrase to describe our main GOAL:

"When you must get curvy Quickly and Efficiently, You gotta believe"

After helping many other women get the same results Emma had we have countless positive testimonials from happy clients all over the country and around the world on our facebook page;


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