Plus Size Waist Trainer Fat Burner (All Sizes Available)

The Plus Size Waist Trainer Fat Burner is an exceptionally useful tool in the quest to regain your figure or even achieve a figure like you've never experienced. This flexible waist trainer helps you drop inches from your hips and waist, and it blends in perfectly with any outfit, even your w...
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Waist Trainer + Tummy Control Panty and Butt Lifter - 3 in 1

The Waist Trainer + Tummy Control Panty and Butt Lifter - 3 in 1 is one of the best ways to improve your general figure with a single garment. This 3-in-1 piece is designed to help train your waist with a tight corset, and it works to lift your butt while also reshaping and tightening everyth...
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Arm Shapers and Fat Burner Sleeves

The Arm Shapers and Fat Burner Sleeves are the perfect solution for training your upper arms to reshape them as you like. These sleeves help promote the loss of fat through compression and sweating, and they work to correct form while slimming the overall appearance of your arms. They are slim-...
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Waist Training Vest - Black (PLUS Size Available)

This Waist Training Vest is one of our popular waist trainers that provides ultimate support for your back while providing a comfortable and effective waist training experience.  This vest comes with adjustable straps to help you comfortably change the pressure on your waist. Hence countless ce...
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Deluxe Padded Butt Lifter and Enhancer Panty

Are you having trouble getting that butt to what you really want it to look like? Give our Deluxe Padded Butt Lifter and Enhancer Panty a try! This butt lifter panty creates a boost toward the top of the rear, adding a full cheek size and raising the butt line. This butt lifter panty is also pa...
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Slimming Arm Shaper and Posture Corrector

The Slimming Arm Shaper and Posture Corrector will help you stand tall with the confidence you deserve. The garment is designed specifically to help your posture while also slimming your upper arms and shoulders. It's made from a form-fitting blend of spandex and polyester, and it uses standar...
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Flexible Bodysuit Shaper & Tommy Control

  The brand new Flexible Bodysuit Shaper and Tommy Control is here. It's called flexible for a reason. Now you can easily wear this advanced designed bodysuit all day long, and feel sexy and lose inches off you waist as you go about your day. Wear this bodysuit with peace of mind knowing that...
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Body Slimming Waist Shaper

This Body Slimming Waist Shaper is one of the most efficient ways to slim your waist while also training it to retain a new, thinner shape. Other systems for slimming your waist may not be effective at all, especially if they only focus on exercise regimens. When you add one of these excellent ...
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Anti-Cellulite Workout Leggings

   Say hello to sexiness and goodbye to Cellulites. Our brand new amazing Anti-Cellulite Workout Leggings are designed to help you get rid of cellulite up to 41% and provide you comfort at all times.  Wether at the gym, in yoga class, running or going for a casual outing you will feel sexy and...
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Waist Shaper Workout Vest With Zipper - Neoprene Made

The Waist Shaper Workout Vest With Zipper - Neoprene Made is an exceptional piece of shaping equipment for women. It features a high degree of flexibility so it won't disrupt your activities, and it is slim enough to discreetly wear underneath any clothing regardless of the situation. You can w...
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Kardashian Waist Trainer

Do you know how Kim Kardashian got her waist tamed? Well you are in the right place babe. This is the same exact waist trainer used by the Kardashians that helped them shed inches off their waist. This popular corset is made to last and will provide you with a superior waist and tummy control t...
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Seamless Butt Lifter With Tommy Control (Plus Size 5XL Available)

The Seamless butt Lifter with Tommy Control is designed to help  you achieve just that. It can be easily be worn under your cloth comfortably. This amazing butt lifter and tommy control panty will lift your bottom to give it that round shape and perk it up. At the same time controlling your lowe...
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