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For Your Waist

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Looking for an hour-glass shape? Our waist trainers, shapers, and cinchers will give you that exact shape and so much more.

Of course, you get instant slimming results when you put on a waist shaper. The garment will control the plumpness around the waist and give you a smooth transition up to your chest and down to your hips. If you want to look good for a special occasion, the shaper is the perfect undergarment for your gown, dress, or skirt. The shaper is also a stylish addition on the outside of your outfit as well.

Many of our waist trainers help you look good at the gym because they resemble workout clothes. The structure the workout trainer provides helps keep the back straight, which helps you control your posture during particular exercise sets. The compression a trainer puts around the abdomen will warm up your core, naturally burning calories whether you are working out or not.

There are so many options available. Waist cinchers come in long and short styles. Some start at the bustline with some starting a bit lower. A few come with attached slimming vests for additional back support. Some styles have tummy control panels built into the garment for slimming down the front. A few have both a tummy control panel and a butt lifter built into the same garment. Our inventory includes both standard and plus size trainers.

Colors galore! You can go with a classic black waist shaper that looks good under or over any garment you have. Or you can choose a beige or natural-colored shaper for invisible support. You can, of course, show off your shaper in blue, pink, purple, orange or red. Coordinate your outfit with your shaper.

Think that waist cinchers don't work? Many see three or four inches disappear from their waistline the minute they put the trainer on. The compression of the garment against the abdomen helps train the body into a new shape. The trainer stays securely in place, no matter how hard you workout or how long you sit.

The fabrics and finishes of the garment will depend on the style you choose. The waist trainer will come with plastic or steel bones to provide structure and support to the abdomen. It will be held in place with a combination of fasteners including zippers, hooks, and velcro.

Are you ready to look like a Kardashian? Check out our selection and place an order.

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