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Legs and Butt

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Whether you want to look leaner or lift your butt line, our line of legs and butt shapewear is just what you are looking for. Made with the finest materials and workmanship, you will find these garments will give you the look you want without feeling uncomfortable.

Do you look in the mirror and wish you had something more in the back? Maybe you want to see your butt line a bit higher? In either case, our padded butt lifter and enhancer panty will do the job. The padding adds full cheek size while the structure of the panty lifts the butt higher. The close fit of the panty will smooth out your curves and give your posture a boost at the same time.

Want a butt lifter that also helps control the shape of your tummy? Our seamless butt lifter with tummy control is the answer. The front has a tummy control panel that helps to smooth out your stomach and flatten its shape. The back provides lift to the butt line, bringing it to a perkier shape. The cheek openings provide a round look that will rock any garment you put over it.

Lower tummy control is quite easy with our innovative, comfortable tummy clinching thong and high waist underwear. The upper part of this underwear offers steel boning and snug spandex to control the shape of the tummy. It starts just under the bust line for a smooth look over the entire abdomen. The thong panty offers a discreet look with no visual panty line. The understated design of the panty makes it perfect to wear with just about any clothing or on any occasion.

Losing weight was never easier than with our fat burning workout pants. Made with multiple layers of neoprene, polyester, and nylon, these pants help burn off the calories by keeping the heat inside. The unique blend of material pulls moisture away from your skin so that you remain comfortably dry even though you are sweating beneath. Stylish enough to be worn every day, these workout pants are durable for the hardest workout and comfortable enough for lounging.

Our full line of shapewear for the legs and butt will give you the look you desire. You can go for a curvier style with a butt lifting garment. Or slim down with tummy control and workout pants. The choice is entirely up to you.

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