Deluxe Padded Butt Lifter and Enhancer Panty

Are you having trouble getting that butt to what you really want it to look like? Give our Deluxe Padded Butt Lifter and Enhancer Panty a try! This butt lifter panty creates a boost toward the top of the rear, adding a full cheek size and raising the butt line. This butt lifter panty is also pa...
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Flexible Bodysuit Shaper & Tommy Control

  The brand new Flexible Bodysuit Shaper and Tommy Control is here. It's called flexible for a reason. Now you can easily wear this advanced designed bodysuit all day long, and feel sexy and lose inches off you waist as you go about your day. Wear this bodysuit with peace of mind knowing that...
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Anti-Cellulite Workout Leggings

   Say hello to sexiness and goodbye to Cellulites. Our brand new amazing Anti-Cellulite Workout Leggings are designed to help you get rid of cellulite up to 41% and provide you comfort at all times.  Wether at the gym, in yoga class, running or going for a casual outing you will feel sexy and...
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Seamless Butt Lifter With Tommy Control (Plus Size 5XL Available)

The Seamless butt Lifter with Tommy Control is designed to help  you achieve just that. It can be easily be worn under your cloth comfortably. This amazing butt lifter and tommy control panty will lift your bottom to give it that round shape and perk it up. At the same time controlling your lowe...
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Tummy Cinching Thong and High Waist Underwear

The Tummy Cinching Thong and High Waist Underwear is a flattering piece of training clothing that works to slim your waistline while offering the subtlety and discretion of thong underwear. This is a single piece that includes a waist cinch along with a standard thong panty, and it comes in eit...
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Fat Burning Workout Pants

The Fat Burning Workout Pants are designed specifically to give you the classic appearance of yoga pants with a material designed specifically to promote weight loss through heat and sweat while exercising. The pants are made to fit slim on the body, and that helps with training the weight away...
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Deluxe Seamless Hiphugger Bodysuite

This magnificently engineered Deluxe seamless Hiphugger Bodysuite has been designed with bio-crystals to help you achieve a sexy, natural and soft texture appearance comfortably as well as improve your circulation.  You will also find that these high quality hiphugger bodysuite will also reduce...
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Luxe 3 in 1 Postpartum Belt & Wrap (Belly/Abdomen/Pelvis Belt)

The Luxe 3 in 1 Postpartum Belt & Wrap is the new beautifully designed Postpartum belt for those who desire to lose inches off their waist and want to look sexy again after giving birth. As well as anyone who would like to shed inches off their belt using the waist training wrap and belt...
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Honeycomb Mesh Pattern Workout Leggings

This innovative, sexy and trendy looking leggings are perfect for your usual jog, your yoga sessions, workout or even your casual outing with the girls. Made out of high quality polyester and spandex, the leggings provide you with a subtle and enhanced amount of comfort at all times. Not to con...
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Delicate Slimming Bodysuit & Tummy Control

The new Delicate Slimming Bodysuit & Tummy Control is a delicately crafted bodysuit designed to make you feel sexy and help you lose inches off your waist simultaneously. Now you can look your best and feel your best at any time of the day wearing the Delicate Slimming Bodysuit & Tum...
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Sexy Underwear Waist Trainer Corset

  The new Sexy Underwear Waist Trainer Corset Is designed to help you train your waist while controlling your tummy and making you look sexy at all times! This underwear waist trainer corset will help you shed inches off your waist seamlessly and can be worn under clothes without being noticed....
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Sexy High Waist Camouflage Leggings

Our new Sexy High Waist Camouflage Leggings are made to make you feel comfortable and sexy every hour of the day.  Its stretching and snug feeling makes you want to keep touching it non-stop. And its Spandex material makes these leggings ideal for yoga, working out and casual wearing. You will...
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