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Being curvy is not the same as being out of shape. In fact, fitness and weight loss go hand in hand with a curvy life. That is why we offer fitness and weight loss products designed for you in mind. We want you to be the best version of yourself possible.

Yoga is definitely a great way to start exercising or to change up your workout routine. It allows you to increase flexibility, enhance muscle tone, and reduce stress, all in one exercise routine.

If you are ready to start attending a yoga class, you need the right gear. Our yoga blocks are great if you are just getting started. They offer assistance for finding and maintaining yoga poses, especially if your muscles are not used to deep muscle stretches. Using these blocks helps avoid tension build-up and make the stretch more effective. The fun part? You get to choose which colors fit your fitness vibe.

Looking for a fun addition to your exercise equipment? A colorful yoga ball will add a whole lot of fun to your daily routine. This explosion proof ball provides an unstable platform to perform yoga poses, Pilate routines, core exercises and much more. The instability of the ball automatically engages the muscles of the abdomen and legs as the body tries to maintain balance. Made from high quality, eco-friendly material, our yoga ball is ready to roll.

Now, after stretching things out, it's time to get some cardio going. Our stair stepper machine gives you a good cardio workout without the need to go for a walk or run outside. The stepper comes with built-in resistance to increase the effectiveness of the lower body workout, while the exercise bands give you the option for an upper body workout as well.

Simple changes in your routine can make a big difference when it comes to fitness. Walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator is one example. Our fitness tracker bracelet makes it easy to track how many steps you take in a day as well as how many calories you burn. It even tracks your sleep patterns.

You can take all of your exercise equipment with you in our stylish multifunction duffle bag. Made from waterproof nylon, this stylish bag can handle anything you want to throw in it.

If you are ready to get fit and lose some weight, we are too.

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