Fitness tracker Bracelet By SexyCurvesNow

This Amazing Fitness Tracker Bracelet watch is designed to help you track everything from calories, hear rate, blood pressure and much more. It easily syncs with your iPhone or Android to track your progress on your phone. It is a great addition to your weight loss equipment arsenal.  Function ...
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Slimming Mymi Wonder Weight Loss Patches

Are you struggling to lose weight and get rid of that stubborn layer of fat on your belly, arms, hip or thigh? If so we got you covered!  The highly effective Slimming Mymi Wonder Weight Loss Patches are made to help you lose that extra bit of fat you so want to get rid of, easily and effecti...
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Ultrasonic Cavitation slimming Fat & Cellulite Remover Machine

The amazing Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Fat & Cellulite Remover Machine is a brand new fat burning device that's been engineered to help you lose fat, fast and easy, While at the same time removing cellulites to make your skin look firmer and younger than ever before.  There's been cou...
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Stair Stepper Machine By SexyCurvesNow

This mini stepper is equipped with a LCD monitor which includes multiple functions: scan, time, calories, count, strides/min. It is very easy to use, just stand up and twist up and down for buttock and thigh workout. The included resistance bands are used to train your upper body, so this mini ...
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Fitness Elastic Sit Up Pull Rope Abdominal Exerciser Home Professio...

This Elastic Sit Up Pull Rope training tool helps to workouts your arms, tummy, shoulders, legs, and butt.  It is very effective and easy to use, consisting of a contoured foam coated plastic handle and foam pedals to nicely fit into your hands and around your feet. Portable and lightweight, eas...

Muscle Stimulator Body Slimming Belt

This is a high-performance Belly belt body shaper that stimulates your muscles with vibrating pulses that automatically tighten and tone your stomach. It mimics conventional chiropractic treatment, thus not only performing integrated toning but also relieving stress and improving general health....
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Waterproof Smart Watch Bracelet Band

Description Function: (i) Passometer                 (ii) Fitness Tracker                 (iii)Sleep Tracker                 (iv) Message Reminder                  (v) Push Message                 (vi)Social Media Notifications                 (vii) Activity Tracker Language: English Compatibil...

Multifunction Duffle Bag By SexyCurveNow

This waterproof duffle bag is made of steardy material to help you carry  your essential yoga and gym equipments from and to the gym. Its compartments allow for plenty of room to add additional equipments all the while looking cool and sexy. Material: Waterproof nylon Usage: Multifunctional duf...
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Yoga Ball By SexyCurvesNow

This Yoga ball is perfect for all your daily Weight training, pilates, core and yoga exercises. These balls come in all available Colors such as; Red, Blue, Gray, Purple and Pink.  Features: 100% Brand new and high quality. Quantity:1 pc Smooth Surface Green environmental protection material,ha...
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Yoga Blocks By SexyCurvesNow

Sexy Curves Now Yoga Blocks Brick Foaming Foam is an excellent auxiliary tool for the beginners and inflexible practicers. It can help us to adjust our gesture so as to complete some actions. Avoiding tension in part of your body due to your stiffness, this tool will hold your body of any part a...
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