Fat Burning Workout Pants

The Fat Burning Workout Pants are designed specifically to give you the classic appearance of yoga pants with a material designed specifically to promote weight loss through heat and sweat while exercising. The pants are made to fit slim on the body, and that helps with training the weight away...
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Tummy Cinching Thong and High Waist Underwear

The Tummy Cinching Thong and High Waist Underwear is a flattering piece of training clothing that works to slim your waistline while offering the subtlety and discretion of thong underwear. This is a single piece that includes a waist cinch along with a standard thong panty, and it comes in eit...
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Deluxe Padded Butt Lifter and Enhancer Panty

Are you having trouble getting that butt to what you really want it to look like? Give our Deluxe Padded Butt Lifter and Enhancer Panty a try! This butt lifter panty creates a boost toward the top of the rear, adding a full cheek size and raising the butt line. This butt lifter panty is also pa...
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